Ogoplex Pure Extract Review

Not Recommended.
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Secure Billing - Yes
Methods - UPS (Overnight, 2 Day Or 3-4 Day)
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Money-Back Guarantee:
60 Days Risk-Free

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Ogoplex Pure Extract Ingredients

The Swedish secret ingredients for better sex

The main active ingredient in Ogöplex is a pure botanical seed extract known for enhancing sexual capacity – generations of use in Europe have shown it to work very well for most men! Ogöplex also contains a unique blend of herbals and nutrients chosen specifically to provide increased vitality, intensity, and orgasmic release in men.  Vitamin A and E contribute to the health-enhancing properties of Ogöplex to the male reproductive system.

The secret ingredients in Ogöplex Pure Extract are clinically proven to boost semen and testosterone production while strengthening the contractile muscles of the vas deferens to pump more ejaculate, more powerfully during sexual release. Ogöplex benefits and strengthens the prostate gland and ejaculatory ducts for a more powerful, concentrated orgasm.

Ogöplex is a Proprietary Blend of Cernitin Flower Pollen
Extract 400mg
Vitamin A 1250 IU
Vitamin E 7.5 IU

Ogöplex also gives you:

  • Accurate dosing and standardization
  • Safe, precise amounts of the sex-boosting components you need
  • Doctor-approved formula
  • No prescription necessary
Not Recommended.

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